Shrek in the Backrooms Map - Play Place and More! (2024)

Looking for a Shrek in the Backrooms map guide? We’re here to help! Our guide contains all you need to know about each level, including the entities, difficulty, and how to escape. Make sure to bookmark this page to refer back to when playing the game.

You’ve probably heard of the Backrooms, and you’re more than likely to know what Shrek is. Well, ever thought about what it would be like if both worlds combined? This entertaining Roblox game allows you to experience the true horror of the Backrooms, but with Shrek himself! Traverse through the maze, and try to avoid him at all costs.

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Shrek in the Backrooms Map Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Shrek in the Backrooms Locations

Let’s take a closer look at each location in the Roblox game.

The Lobby

This level bares a striking resemblance to the usual design of the Backrooms. It’s a maze of walls, pasted with the same wallpaper, with a series of doorways and mysteries.

Difficulty: Easy

Entities: Donkey, Gingerbread Man, Smilers, Shrek, Howler

Secret Room: When you spot a patchy hole on one of the walls, walk through it! This will teleport you to a secret room, allowing you to earn 10-20 extra Shrek coins.


Difficulty: Easy

This level features a water tower, a field, and houses. Though you may spot some odd-looking rubbish on the ground. Entities do not spawn in this location, so you’re free to roam.

You need to find a key that is behind one of the houses to escape this level. You can also collect a flower, a sign, and a rope to earn the “Motion Explorer” badge!

The Poolrooms

Difficulty: Easy

This level features an eerie swimming pool area, filled to the brim with pools and winding hallways – some spots are even submerged in water. Keep in mind that there are no entities in this level either, so you’re free to explore as you try to escape!

Play Place

Difficulty: Extreme

Entities: Ronald Mcdonald

This map is full of colorful nets and tunnels, similar to a children’s play area! The space outside of the tunnels is a terrifyingly opaque void. There is only one entity in this level, and that is Ronald McDonald. He will try to engage in a game of hide and seek with you, so it’s best to avoid him at all costs.

The Backwoods

Difficulty: Easy

This level contains a verdant forest to explore! There are no entities here either, so feel free to wander freely. Make sure you search the various shrubs and rocks that you come across as you roam. To escape this level, you need to find the mysterious hole that is next to a rock in one of the corners of the map.

Infinite Garden

Difficulty: Easy

Now, this one does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s an infinite garden! It’s one hallway that is around 3km long. There are no entities in this location, so you can wander down the long hallway with ease. To escape this level, you need to reach the elevator!

The Office

Difficulty: Medium

Entities: Cursed Shrek

This location is an office that is completely empty, but full of random hallways and vacant rooms. It’s similar to level 0, but there are computers and vending machines randomly placed throughout the map. You need to search the file cabinets and vending machines to obtain special materials that can be used to defeat Cursed Shrek.

To escape, you need to hack all of the computers in the office to receive an 8-digit code. You can then put this code into the elevator that is close to the spawn area. Keep in mind that the code is randomly generated!

The Elevator

Difficulty: Easy

Entities: Smilers

This location is a small room with one elevator. The elevator itself can go up to floor 6 from floor 1. However, only one of these floors can take you to the next level. To escape this map, you need to select the correct floor! Similarly to the previous level, the floor number is randomly generated.

If you end up choosing the wrong floor, you may get a visit from a Smiler.

Room of Doors

Difficulty: Medium

This level is a room that is full of mysteriously ominous doors – there’s also a strange amount of ceiling fans too.

When you open each door, you’ll find a smaller room with a further 4 doors inside. You need to keep going into these smaller rooms to find the exit! It’s important to note that the exit door is different for everyone.

Level Fun

Difficulty: Medium

Entities: Partygoer

This map features a children’s birthday party scene, filled with toys, colorful chairs, and a racing track carpet. However, the cake is made out of human body parts. You need to collect 6 presents that are found throughout each party room to escape. The Partygoer can spawn in any area in this level, so be careful!

The Aquarium

Difficulty: Easy

Entities: Mr. Chomper

This level is based on an aquarium! However, it’s not exactly open. It’s clear from the offset that this aquarium has been shut down for quite some time. If you wish to escape this level, you need to turn all of the valves that you find as you explore the map.

While there is an entity on this map, it doesn’t actually attack the player.

The Musky Crab

Difficulty: Medium

Entities: Shrekbob

The Musky Crab may sound familiar, and that’s because it is. It’s based on the Krusty Krab from Spongebob, and the entity is Shrekbob. There is a sand tunnel at the side of the map, which is where Shrekbob will spawn. To evade this entity, you need to hide in the kitchen and barricade the door!

While you explore this map, you need to pick up ingredients that you find in the kitchen. Once you have collected all of the ingredients, you can cook the patty on the stove, and then make a Krabby Patty! Next, you need to take the Krabby Patty to Shrekbob to escape the level.

The Island

Difficulty: Cakewalk

This map is a peaceful break from the previous level with Shrekbob. You’ll hear birds in the distance, and a beautiful flowing ocean – however, don’t step in the water. There are no entities in this level, so you can explore freely. To escape, you need to pick up driftwood and rope that can be used to build a raft.


Difficulty: Normal / Medium

Entities: Smilers

This location features an eerie warehouse. It’s basically a large storage room filled to the brim with racks and boxes. If you fall down toward the cloud of darkness, you’ll be greeted by a ton of Smilers. This means you need to jump across the racks to explore this level and find the exit!

Level !

Difficulty: Insane

Entities: Mutated Shrek

This map features a hallway that is 5km long. This level certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, as there are loud sirens. Mutated Shrek will eventually start to chase you, and he’s not afraid to destroy everything in sight. You need to collect 5 paintings to escape this level!

Mutated Shrek is a combination of Shrek and Smiler – creepy! His speed is phenomenally fast, and he can easily catch up to you!

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Shrek in the Backrooms Map - Play Place and More! (2024)
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