Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (2024)


Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (1)

Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (2)

Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (3)

Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (4)

Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (5)

Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (6)

Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (7)

Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (8)

Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (9)

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Looking for a place to park at Newark Liberty International Airport? Jiffy AirportParking Newark is located at, 146 Haynes Ave, Newark, NJ, US,is a reliable and convenient parking facility that offers reserved parking at EWR Airport.

How far is the Jiffy AirportParking from Newark Liberty International Airport? The parking facility is only 1.0miles away from the Newark Liberty International Airport.

Jiffy Airport Parking Newark is a safe parking location given that it is well lit, gated and monitored 24/7.

24/7 shuttle service is available to Newark Liberty International Airport.

Long Term Parking at Jiffy AirportParking Newark

How much does it cost to park atJiffy AirportParking Newark? Jiffy AirportParkingNewarkoffers a $17.95per day rate plus taxes and fees.

How much does it cost to park at Jiffy AirportParking Newark for a week? Jiffy AirportParkingNewarkoffers a $125.65a week rate plus taxes and fees.

Jiffy Airport Parking NewarkPromo Codes and Coupons

Jiffy AirportParking Newark offers 1 day free forevery 7 days you stay parked and you can receive aFree Jiffy Reward Membership.

Reviews at Jiffy AirportParking Newark

About Newark Liberty International Airport

The Newark Liberty International Airport offers Garage parking.

Terminal A is available for $47.00 per day.

Terminal B is available for $47.00 per day.

Terminal C is covered parking is available for $50.00 per day.

P4 a premium space is available for $41.00 per day.

P6 a premium economy space is available for $24.00 per day.

P6 an economy is available for $19.00 per day.

Book Cheap Jiffy Airport Parking

Don't overpay for parking at Newark Liberty. Use parkingaccess.com and unlock our exclusive discounts by reserving your space today. We offer both short stay or long term parking options at one of our favorite parking lots. Jiffy Airport Parking offers safe and secure parking with online reservations.


146 Haynes Ave, Newark, NJ, US

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Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (11)

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(Based on 677 reviews)

Christine Parlamis


Wonderful experience. Fast shuttle, easy access and frequent pickups. Mobile Office is a bit hard to find in parking lot. Customer service very good and helpful.

Cherrine Meikle


Nice little parking lot. I think having numbers could help drivers find their cars quicker tho.

Iyeshia Jefferson


Great and easy parking. I reserved online and had no issues. Will definitely use again. Only downside is that they should inform you when making reservations that in order to be picked up that you are supposed to send a text. After calling several times I went to the website and found the number to text.

Michael Greenberg


Easy, friendly staff, very close to airport. Good prices and shuttle was pretty quick.

Brian G


I've used a lot of long term parking locations for Newark airport. Jiffy in my opinion gives the most for your money. Its close, convenient, and secure. High on my list of importance is the reliable shuttles every 10- 15 min. Especially after a long trip and you just want to get back to your car and home! đź‘Ťđź‘Ť

This is a great solution for long-term parking. Reserve and pre-pay online was very smooth. Shuttles ran often and only a few minutes to the terminal. Drivers helpful with loading and unloading luggage. Be sure to tip them!

Stan Cohen


Super easy to find and navigate to unlike some of the parking spots. I also like the fact that if you go over your estimated return they charge you in fractions of additional hours and don't round up or hit you with another whole day. The shuttles are frequent both going out and coming back in. And I can do everything via their app and my phone and don't have to deal with people or paper. Scan from my phone in and out. So easy. Shuttle drivers are super friendly.

Cat Sanchez


Parked the car for 4 nights, when I returned I had no problem at all with it. Car was in perfect condition

John Tomchek


Jiffy was fairly easy to get to. While parking lot was quite full - found a space quickly. The jitney to the terminals was frequent and clean - the drivers were friendly and very helpful with large, heavy bags on both ends of the trip. Upon our return, after calling for pickup - the shuttle showed up in less than 10 minutes, outstanding service.Only minor issue was when checking in to the lot, the car in front of us QR code did not seem to be working and it backed things up for a while - didn't seem like someone was there to answer their call for assistance...Best thing beside all of the aforementioned was the competitive rates, especially for a multi-week stay. We will definitely be using Jiffy for future trips!

Richard Muniz


Great location great service



I was worried based on many bad reviews but my experience was quite solid. Found a spot upon arrival, shuttle picked me up promptly and driver was friendly. Pick-up was relatively quick and check-out process was smooth! Price was exactly what I had reserved online… yes there are extra fees as is common with airport-related services and all I cared about was that what I expected was what I was charged so no surprises there.

Sam Foo


Perfect. Arrived 3:15pm Wed. Lot was packed, but found a spot within a minute. Shuttle bus was right there picking us up, must have spotted us coming into the lot. Came back Monday 4:30 pm. Called from baggage carousel. Total wait was 20 min, 10 min wait for baggage and 10 min wait curbside. Totally acceptable. Driver helped with luggage both coming and going. I'll park here again.

Emily Shareyourvinos


I had parked here for the weekend (Friday-Sunday) and got a great rate for parking. It was easy to find, and easy to park. For those saying there's no parking, there's another side lot that was virtually empty when I went, just have to look for it. Additionally, to everyone saying their car was flooded, I'm sure it's because they parked in the designated "DO NOT PARK" area where flooding occurs, hence the signs. Getting to and from my terminal was done in a jiffy. Pun intended.

Michael Brennan


Very convenient to Newark airport. Shuttle bus picked us up right by our car. Took a little time to locate a spot for the mini van. Great online coupons. Car was safe. It's an outside lot.

David G


I really like this place. Great peace of mind to know your car is safe and ready go. The shuttle runs all the time. Delayed flights no problem!

Randy Parsons


Have used jiffy several times in the past. Convenient shuttle that I have never had to wait more than a few minutes (or at all for) secured 24/7 lot. Will do business with again without a doubt.

cheryl zarneski


Had a great experience using Jiffy. We arrived at 3:00AM for our flight, parking was easy, and the shuttle was there waiting. The drive to the terminal was very quick. When our flight landed and called for the shuttle back we only had to wait about 5 minutes. The car was just as we left it, no issues at all. I happened to leave a bag in the office, and didn't notice until later that night. When I called they said they had it in the office. The next day I went to pick it up, it was there in the office waiting for me!!

Mary Anne mcaleavy


Service was extraordinary. I misplaced my ticket and manager took care of issue within a few minutes. Luis was extremely helpful.

DĂ©bora Gillespie


We drove all the way from Virginia to take a flight in Newark. We looked everywhere for a reliable and affordable place, until we found this lot. Our experience was easy and great! We booked and paid online in advance, got there and were checked in real quick. In less than 30 min we were dropped off at the airport. On the way back, we didn’t even wait more than 15 min for the shuttle and got our car really quickly too. Definitely recommend it!

Chaim Schwartz


Love this parking place. Quick in and out. Very close to airport. Shuttle always available. Best of all, great price

Sue W


We scheduled the trip and found this parking lot. They took us to the airport and picked us up when we returned. Car was safe and we were very happy with the shuttle times Thank you for being available!

Marc W


Pick up was fast, drivers freindly, parking lot was clean and plenty of spots.

Tiffany Piatt


Parked for 5 days, transport to and from airport was without issue. All calls with questions were answered appropriately. Car did have another car blocking in but someone came to move it in less than 10 min. Lot did need some better plowing. But I would still recommend jiffy parking

Scott Lee


From the moment we arrived @ 3:30AM on a Thursday morning until we returned on a Sunday evening we were extremely pleased with the prompt service. Will definitely park here again.

Mike Hardman


This is the best experience I have had with parking my car at an airport. The rates are reasonable and the have specials on Groupon to save even more money. The lot is easy to get to and out of. Overall a great experience.

Yitzchak Buchinger


This place worked great

z k


Fast service

Li Fan


Affordable parking. Easy setup and entrance with electronic rickets as well as a reward program that gets you 1 day free when you park 6 days. The frequency of shuttle pickup is about 30 min at each terminal on weekends or non peak hours so be prepared to wait at terminal if you missed the shuttle.

tippy kerwin


Great prices. Use this a lot; never a problem. Staff for transportation very nice and friendly

Thomas Scoffin


Used for the first time last week and now going to be my go to - pleasantly surprised! Such a great parking spot - super easy entry and exit, easy self parking, close to terminals, quick,clean and frequent shuttle, and really friendly and helpful staff - would use over and over again!!

Lorie White


Simple to book and close to the airport. The shuttle service was quick and the drivers were fabulous. It did take longer to get a shuttle from the airport but overall great service.

Nicole Marie


Parked here for 8 nights. Got a good deal off spot hero. They picked us up at our car when we arrived and was a quick pick up at the airport after our trip. Highly recommend.

Nicole Marie


Parked here for 8 nights. They picked us up at our car when we arrived and was a quick pick up at the airport after our trip. Highly recommend.

Shatilah Perry


The parking process was easy. Getting in and out of the parking lot was a breeze. My only issue was literally waiting for the shuttle when we got back. It took forever. First shuttle was packed, second shuttle came 20 minutes after the first shuttle and it only had room for 4 people, luckily the shuttle that came 10 minutes later was empty. Overall we had a good experience and will more than likely park again.

Jack Harlowgan


I had a very good experience with Jiffy. I've used some lots before for flights that were sketchy looking. Jiffy appeared super safe to me upon entry. Shuttle got to us rather quickly, so fast in fact, I forgot to grab my mask and had to pay like 10 for ONE measly mask inside the airport. In hindsight I could've asked the driver to wait one sec, he defintely wasn't rushing me. We came back frorm our lovely Caribbean vacation to not one scratch or ding on the car. It was all good to me. Sorry to those who didn't have the same experience, I can't say the same.



It’s this simple; if you’re not using Jiffy Parking you’re nuts! Expedient, low prices, and great staff!!! I am so grateful that I came across them and will definitely use Jiffy again!!

Jodi DeMarco


Jiffy Park is amazing! It is so easy to use the online booking at a very reasonable rate, and I got a free day after my last visit! I arrived and quickly found a spot. The driver came and picked me up as soon as I parked, helped me with my bags and off we went to the terminal. Upon arrival home it took less than 5 minutes for the shuttle to arrive and he brought me back to my car and helped me with my bags. Leaving the lot, I scanned the code and off I went, with my card on file charged automatically. Jiffy Park is the best parking lot at EWR. I will never park anywhere else.

Ron Watson


Jiffy is super close to the airport. The shuttles we constantly looping from Jiffys parking to the airport. Both shuttle drivers we had were pleasant. I would recommend booking a spot ahead of time lucky we did because when we got to Jiffy there was a sign that lot was full but we scanned our reservation and got in.

Irene Franklin


Hard to find but the shuttle got me from my parking spot and I didn't need to go look for it! That was great! He did the same for others as well.

Sweet One


Glad I chose Jiffy to park my car while traveling. The lot was pretty full but I found a park easily. As soon as I parked, the shuttle was pulling up to take us to the airport. When we returned 4 days later and called to have the shuttle pick us up, we waited maybe 10 mins for the next one to arrive. Service was quick and easy and I’ll definitely use them again!

Chaim Schwartz


Love this parking place. Quick in and out. Very ose to airport. Shuttle always available. Best of all, great price

Sandeep Pinjerla


With all the roads being laid around the place, this parking can be tough to find. But the place is secure. Cheap prices. One can take keys along. Finding a parking can take time as the place is usually packed. Prior reservation is recommended. Pickups can be easy as shuttles run 24x7 and service is good.

freddie rivera


Been parking my car there for years now, and I wouldn't park it long term elsewhere. You stay with your keys after parking it yourself and van then drops you off right away at airport nearby.Now service is even better than before by paying at office. Rates are very reasonable also.

Heidi Bixby


Great price. They only thing was that when we got there, they were out of spots. We had to leave our key and have them park the car after we left. We were a little leery about that but it worked out fine. We had a late flight and they were very prepared to meet us with the shuttle and had our key ready.



Greatest place on earth!

Good pricing. Frequent and quick shuttle service to the terminal. And the driver was nice enough to point me to extra parking when the lot was full, waited for me and gave me a card with the row number

Lars Hindsley (Lars)


Flight arrived at 1:30 AM on a Thursday night. Called the dispatch number on the website as instructed and I waited at the designated spot, sure enough, I got picked up in 10 minutes. Probably just over 5 minutes.

Prices fair. Flawless experience.

Jennifer Tufano


Never had a problem here, always easy check in and out. Convenient and steady shuttle service.

John Young


I have been using Jiffy for years. Always had great service. Thank you to the driver on May 5, 2022 who found my jacket which I accidentally left on the bus and put it aside in the office. I picked it up 5 days later....Very happy customer here! Thanks again!

Juan C Saldarriaga


I have parked here on two occasions, great prices for long term. About 60 a week which is pretty affordable comparing to JFK. During a snowstorm I came back to find my car completely clean which was a rare treat. The shuttles passes by very often. Honestly the best lot out there. Also, its close near a roundabout which has a direct access to the terminals.

5 stars.

Ash GR


Easy to park ,easy for check out! Reserve in advance and avoid any hassle. The shuttle service is really helpful , they do drop you where your car is.

Silas Sackey


The overall experience was great. From the reservation, to the pickup process to and from the airport was smooth and seamless.

The drivers were also very friendly and professional.

I'll definitely use them again anytime I have to go through EWR.

Shahid Ahmed


Three reasons for 5 star:

1. I always prefer the self-serve model of business.

2. The ride to the airport was quick.

3. Within 5 minutes of my call from airport at 4.30am, a Jiffy vehicle was there to pick me up.


Debbie LaCross


They were amazing. We were left stranded by vista parking after prepaying and arriving early. I made a last minute reservation with Jiffy and they saved us. The guy at the office called a driver to assist. There were no parking spots so the shuttle driver checked us in and took the key. We made our flight barely. DO Not use Vista. Horrible horrible horrible.

Michelle Servais


Great prices. The drivers bring you to your car. They pick you up at the airport generally within 10 min. There is a $7.95 daily coupon online. It is quick & easy.

Michael Schlager


Smoothest parking system into Newark airport. Used a dozen times and always smooth. Less expensive than most as well. You might be able to shave off 5 minutes with someone closer and more money though. Your choice. Check your Uber/Lyft difference if you live nearby and plan a long trip!

Luis Olivieri


I have been using it since it was Liberty Newark Parking. I have never had a single issue. This time (Jan. 2022) was really good. The whole process ran very smoorhly. From reserving, playing, getting in and out was quicky and very friendly drivers.

Jiffy Airport Parking Rates, Reviews, Coupons [2021 Updated Rates] (2024)
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