How to watch The Last of Us episode 7 (2024)

How to watch The Last of Us episode 7 (1)

Here's where to watch The Last Of Us episode 7 so you can catch up with Joel and Ellie (Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey) now that they're back out on the road.

For the uninitiated, The Last Of Us is a drama based on the hit PlayStation game of the same name. Like the game, the TV series takes place in a version of modern society that's been forever altered by a mutated form of the cordyceps fungus that unleashed hoards of infected, zombie-like creatures all over the world. If you're not hooked already, stop here; instead, check out how you can watch The Last Of Us episode 1 for free so you can try the series out first.

In episode 6, Joel finally tracked down his brother, Tommy. However, their reunion didn't last long, as Joel headed to Colorado on the trail of the Fireflies. Whilst they managed to find out where the group had headed next, Joel was put out of action in a brutal scrap with another survivor. Since Joel is taking a back seat for the episode, we'll be meeting a new face from Ellie's past: enter, Riley (Euphoria's Storm Reid).

Here's where and when you can watch The Last Of Us episode 7 so you can find out how he's holding up.

How to watch The Last of Us episode 7 in the US

The Last Of Us is an HBO original series, which means you'll need access to HBO in order to watch The Last Of Us episode 7. You can either tune in as episodes air on linear TV on HBO or stream new episodes live or on-demand via HBO Max.

The Last Of Us episode 7 dropped on HBO Max on Sunday, February 26 at 9 pm, at the same time as its usual linear TV slot.

If you're not already an HBO Max subscriber, the price for the ad-free plan was increased by $1 to $15.99 a month just days before The Last Of Us arrived in January.

How to watch The Last of Us episode 7 in the UK

As we've mentioned before, The Last Of Us has followed the same release schedule as other HBO series like House of the Dragon and Succession in the UK.

Fresh episodes have aired on Sky TV on Mondays at 2 am UK time to coincide with the US release, though the series has also been getting a prime time slot on Monday evenings at 9 pm for anyone who can't or doesn't want to stay up late to tune in. So, you'll find the next episode airing on Sky Atlantic at 9 pm on Monday, February 27.

And if you'd prefer to watch the series on-demand, The Last Of Us episode 7 will be available to stream on NOW and Sky Go.

How to watch The Last of Us episode 7 (2)

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How to watch The Last of Us episode 7 (2024)
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