Create A Cookbook - A Great Way To Preserve Your Family Recipes (2024)

I have often been asked to create a cookbook, but it wasn’t until I actual began the process that I realized how special the book would become.

Over the years I have created, developed or made thousands of recipes, many of which I have shared with you. And over that time, there are several recipes that have become family favorites.

Several times a month I get asked to make certain recipes. Some favorites include Drunken Cajun Chicken, Meatloaf, Chicken Chile Verde and of course No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies.

But then around the holidays or for special family potlucks, I get the request to make other family recipes.

Some of the most requested: Grandma’s Potato Salad, Grandpa’s Thanksgiving Dressing and the Santa Claus cookies that Aunt Sis used to make.

The Iconic Recipe Box Collection

However, I don’t have those recipes memorized. And I don’t have them created in cookbook yet.

Therefore, I head to my over-stuffed recipe box. It is filled with handwritten recipes passed down from my Grandmothers, Aunts, friends and family.

What is supposed to be a simple task of locating a recipe, typically turns into a trip down memory lane.

As I sort through handwritten recipe cards, newspaper and magazine clippings, the memories of my childhood vividly come to life.

There are the memories of me making a specific recipe with a loved one that is no longer with us. Or the memory of a nostalgic smell of a specific recipe that I would get as I would run into the house just minutes before dinner was being served.

And as I continue to search the recipe box I always find one or two recipe cards that have become so faded and worn that the words are barely legible any longer.

That is when my heart sinks. I know that these recipes, that have been thoughtfully shared with me, may no longer exist in a few years.

That is when I decided that I must preserve these special family recipes by creating a cookbook that included them all.

As I began gathering a list of recipes to include in the cookbook a thought occurred to me. Maybe my parents or siblings had other recipes from my childhood that they would like to share.

And after speaking with them, it became apparent that this cookbook was bigger than just me. It needed to be a collection of recipes from all family members. And one that could be put in a format that could be shared for generations.

Create A Family Cookbook

And that is when this became a family project.

The first step was to search online for a website that could help me plan, organize and develop the cookbook. Although there are hundreds of cookbook development services available, I found one that made the process simple and easy.

Ironically, it was called The Family Cookbook Project. As we always say, “It was meant to be”.

At first, I was a little overwhelmed with the thought of creating a cookbook and didn’t know where to begin. However, they have step by step instructions that made the process super easy.

All I had to do was type my recipe into an easy to navigate, online form. Then the user-friendly website organizes your cookbook into specified categories.

But the best part of all, I could invite anyone that I wanted to be a part of this cookbook project! They simply log on and input their recipes right into the family cookbook.

Not only can those who are invited add recipes, there is also a section on the recipe page to share a story behind the recipe if desired. What a great way to preserve family memories of meal time traditions that otherwise may become lost forever.

Easy To Design Your Own Cookbook

Once all of the recipes have been inputted now comes the fun part. Create your unique cookbook by selecting the final details of the project. Select the table of contents, build divider pages and insert photos of the recipe or family members if you desire.

We even designed our own Family Cookbook Cover with a picture from the farm. However, they also have a beautifully designed selection of pre-made front page covers in case you don’t want to upload any pictures or design your own.

Once the recipes are preserved online, they can be shared with other family members by email, individual printed recipes or your own professionally printed cookbook or ebook.

After completing this task, I was able to give each one of our children the priceless gift of a cookbook that contained many family recipes that hopefully will continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

Great Gift For Mother’s Day!

So this year, if you are struggling what to get Mom for Mother’s Day or want to give something more meaningful than a kitchen gadget at the next bridal shower or wedding that you attend, give the gift of a Family Cookbook Project.

You can invite others to help you preserve those special recipes that can be made into a customized recipe book that can be shared and passed down for generations.

Or create your own individual cookbook and surprise your family with your first published book!


Mary and Jim

Create A Cookbook - A Great Way To Preserve Your Family Recipes (4)

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Create A Cookbook - A Great Way To Preserve Your Family Recipes (2024)
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