Cardamom Butter Crescents Recipe (2024)

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The flavor and texture were lovely, but I found the dough easier to work with when I chilled it for 2 hrs before forming the crescents.


Great taste for these buttery cookies. I reduced the butter to 350g and added the zest of a clementine. I also refrigerated for an hour before baking.


The best cardamon cookies I know, and I've been trying recipes for year. Make sure that you bake them to golden, paler ones were not as good. As for reviewer calling them tasteless, I would blame it on old cardamon. I did make mine with very generous teaspoons of the spice, knowing that cardamon bought ground is never as tasty as it could be.


Liz: The recipe says 5 dozen (at the top). My neighbor is of Scandinavian descent and she makes a similar cookie at Christmas time. She rolls her crescents in powder sugar, rather than dust. They make for a pretty presentation on a cookie plate, and don't last long.

Thomas Sherman

Makes 40 cookies; I cut each of 8 portions into 5. This was a good size. The dough is definitely difficult to work with. I chilled the 8 portions of dough for 2 hours, individually wrapped in plastic wrap. I ultimately found it easier to divide each portion into 5, and then rolled each piece prior to shaping. Very tasty. I had intended to share with neighbors, but my wife won't let them out of the house.


I thought these were out of this world! One of the best cookies I've ever had!If you find these to be plain, you must not be using freshly ground cardamom. Grind it fresh! It's worth every tedious minute. I didn't bother making crescents and instead just made them in a plain old round cookie shape. They were fine! Just took a little longer. Definitely recommend getting them to be just golden.


The cookies ultimately taste good, but the baking was tricky. The tapered ends start turning dark brown before the rest of the cookie has any color, and trying to get the rest of the cookie a "light golden brown" yields very, very dark ends and a more dry cookie than I normally like.


These are too delicate. Double the cardamom and add 1 tsp vanilla. As is, you can’t tell the cardamom is in them.


Here are the replacements I would make while using the same amount of unbleached white flour. Organic everything.
1/2 cup fine sugar, 1/4 lb unsalted butter, 1/4 cup olive oil, egg whites, 1/4 cup ground almonds. I will experiment with it because I love cardamon.


I suggest getting some cardamom seeds and grinding them yourself. They stay fresh, smell amazing, & make the whole kitchen smell like a spa! I also used "salted" butter and I really like the saltiness of the finished cookie. I did find the cookies to be a little on the plain side and not as sweet as I would like. I ended up drizzling an almond flavored frosting glaze over the top and loved the results. Almond and cardamom are a match made in heaven. Great with a cup of coffee.


How many cookies does this recipe make?


5 dozen or 2 dozen? ....and how to keep the ends from drying out and getting too brown? Maybe make round instead of pointed ends? Will report back after trying.

Maggie Corvus

These are utterly tasteless. I was greatly disappointed as they take good ingredients.

Kit Kat

To each their own! I make these every holiday season, don't find them difficult to make at all, and really like the delicate flavor. Not everything works for everyone, naturally, but thought I'd offer another perspective.


Great cookies! I don't think the almonds are necessary , even as an aesthetic addition so I couldn't bother. Really easy to make and a perfect use of frozen egg whites. The forming of the cookies takes a little getting use to and I haven't made them look as good as the photo but ...... who cares when they taste so good? They are perfect with a cup of tea.

Diane Moore

Loving cardamom, I went to the effort to crack cardamom pods and grind the seeds. At that level of cardamom, the cookies were almost medicinal for the first few weeks. Mellowed out after awhile. I did love them - and as another reviewer suggested - letting them color a bit is key. Next time, I'll buy ground cardamom from a store with high turnover: the goldilocks cardamom level. And yes - chilling the dough makes this do-able.


I always weigh ingredients when possible. 10g of cardamom is about 1-1/2 tablespoons not 2 teaspoons as indicated in the recipe. Use the higher amount.


I bought whole cardamom seeds at whole foods, but I don't have a spice grinder, mortar & pestle, or anything like that. I put a couple of teaspoons in my regular blender on high speed for a minute and it worked like a charm! I've never smelled a more potent cardamom!

Brian T

These were nothing special. Make sure you get the bottoms brown or they’ll have hardly any flavor at all. I shelled and ground my own cardamom right before baking, but these tasted more like flour than anything else.


So delicious. Very glad we had fresh cardamom on hand. Had trouble achieving a crescent shape, even with putting dough in freezer to chill after shaping, before baking. Yummy regardless, but I welcome any tips.


I gift my 98 year old mother with home made cookies every month. I found these cookies to be both delicious and easy! I added extra cardamom as suggested, but also added a generous Tblsp orange zest, and 1 tsp almond extract to the dough. After I added the flour I also folded in about 1 cup thinly sliced almonds. Chilled dough for a few hours, then cut logs into rounds instead of forming into crescents. These are one of my favorites!


i did not understand the shaping instructions. could have used more dimensions on the log. dough tasted good, excited to try tonight!


I did not need to refrigerate the handled beautifully. I made the recipe as stated except double the cardamom and 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour and I mixed each stage thoroughly. My husband was very pleased ! I store them plain and shake in confectioners sugar if I want, or not depending on our mood.


These are perfect as written. I halved the recipe using 1 tsp of ground cardamom, that is bottled not fresh. That was plenty cardamom to come across for a light flavorful cookie. I kept it simple and followed some other commenters suggestion rolled in a log and sliced into rounds. Skipped the almonds and additional dusting of icing sugar. Perfect!


I chilled the dough as suggested by many commenters and found that it worked well for shaping.Lovely cardamom flavor. With fresh seeds, I found it just right. I found these cookies a little dry and too crumbly for packed Christmas gifts. Next time, I will just use this ratio of cardamom in a true round butter cookie and add a couple of dots of cardamom seed on top.

Luna L.

Realize it wouldn’t be the same without the almonds, but if I did want to sub something in (nut allergy), what would you suggest? Just more flour?


This is quite similar to the Greek Christmas cookies kouribiedes, just will different spices.


I'd like to make t his recipe but not devote extra time to forming crescents. Hopefully they'll taste just as good as small, round cookies.


Added extra cardamom, the zest of two small oranges, and 1 1/2-2 tsp orange blossom water. Turned out yummy and pretty


You really gotta love cardamom to make these cookies twice. A very difficult recipe with unimpressive results. Don't bother.

Kit Kat

To each their own! I make these every holiday season, don't find them difficult to make at all, and really like the delicate flavor. Not everything works for everyone, naturally, but thought I'd offer another perspective.

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Cardamom Butter Crescents Recipe (2024)
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